Planned Giving
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You may be looking for a way to make a significant gift. A bequest is a gift made through your will or trust. It is one of the most popular and flexible ways that you can support the community.
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John S. Clark Legacy Society

"There is no finer place to live than the Petoskey-Harbor Springs area. In return for what living here means to me, I want to give something back to this community - like the farmer plowing nutrients back into the soil which sustains him."

John S. Clark, Founder

These generous folks have pledged a gift to the Community Foundation through their will, trust, or estate plan. If you have made plans for a future gift to the Community Foundation, please let us know. We would like to talk to you about your interests and ideas so that we can honor your wishes. What will your legacy be?

Anonymous (4)
Dick and Annette Babcock
Mary J. Baird Family
Neil and Marsha Bidwell
Agatha O. Boettger*
Roma Walstrom Bolline*
James H. Buller
Barbara and David Buzzelli
Michael T. and Martha C. Cameron**
John W. Carpenter Jr.*
Maggie and Bob* Charlton
Sally S. and John S. Clark**
James and Carolyn Cloutier
Catherine G. Curran*
Al and Jane Damschroder
Debbie and Dave Deal
Ross and Nancy DeFries
Mike and Cheryl Eberhart
David Evrard and Cathy Kalahar
Suzanne Felt*
Bill and Mary Foster
Edward J. "Ted" Frey Jr.*
Bud Germond*
Marjorie E. Green*
Gladys Hamill
Bonnie Hess*
Margo L. Hodder
Fred and Diane* Hoffmann
Darlene M. Holcomb*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Horner**
Harriet (Penny) Abbott Huber
Don Hufford*
Brian and Jean* Hunt
Marilyn M. Icke*
David H. Irish*
Penny and Mike Isermann
Greta G. Jacobsen
David L. Jones
Clark* and Grace Ketchum
Harry Kitchen
Fred and Joyce Koehler**
Kathryn Krecke
Mr. and Mrs. William Laimbeer Sr.**
Dan and Mary Ledingham
Dick and Jane Lent**
Janet M. Mancinelli
Jamie and Mary Kay Martin
Emer A. Mathias*
Carol  Matyniak
Marge May*
Dave and Joy McBride
Sheryl McCleery
Jinny McCoy
Jeff and Genie McEvoy
Dr. and Mrs.* William Meengs
Emerson John Meyer
Emily Meyerson
Edward J. Neithercut*
Maureen Nicholson
Scott and Melissa Okerlund
Richard and Maggie Onkey
Albert and Carol Osborn**
John D. Pickering
Jim and Jane Ramer
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Ramseur
Sara Scholl*
Suzanne Schulze*
Dorothy Scott*
Bill Seguin
Richard* and Shirley Seguin
Stephen B. and Sandy P. Selden
B.J. Shawn*
Ann Smith*
Scott and Dibby Smith
John* and Mary Lou Tanton
Marana Tost*
Roberta Vander Breggen
Greg and Jan Voelker
Sharon Walker
Don Ward* and Jennifer Eis
Currie and Mary* Weed
Janice Wegesin*
Ann Dow Weinberg*
Arla Weinert*
Valerie S. Wilson
Hugh Winnell*
Todd C. and Jennifer L.Winnell
Col. and Mrs. William Wyman
John and Deborah Zahnow
Elayne Zaiger*
Dr. Louis and Mary Jane Zako
*Those noted are no longer with us, but their legacy lives on.